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Spend your valuable time  boating and fishing NOT cleaning and maintaining your boat all weekend.
Save on Maintenance

Mac Boats are virtually maintenance free
no costly repairs
no dry docking for repairs
no antifouling
no worries about scrapes and bumps
no long maintinance schedule for warranty
no expensive repair material
Save on Cleaning

Mac Boats need hose down...occasionally!
no waxing
no corrosion
no polishing
no worries
Save on  Costs
  • Mac Boats are virtually indestructible                 - saves  you $$$ on repairs
  • smaller motors for a similar performance to aluminium and fibreglass boats            - saves you $$$ on motor
  • - saves you $$$ on  fuel
  • no yearly antifouling required                         - saves  you $$$ on antifouling every year!

Save time

Mac Boats need virtually no maintenance or cleaning leaving you free to enjoy life's  pleasures -
  1.  boating
  2. fishing
  3. relaxing
  4. time with friends
  5. more  family time
Save your life!

ALL Mac Boats have level floatation not just basic floatation
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How Mac Boats differ  from other conventional aluminium or fibreglass boats

me tender mac boats

Here are the 5 big benefits from talking to us about buying any new boat
Our products have been manufactured since 1988 - so that's  quality and reliability
Our boats are manufactured and fully imported from NZ
No cheap imports here! ONLY quality
Rotationally moulded and foam filled
3. TOUGH AS...
Virtually indestructible
UV stablisers prevent aging and fading
Impervious to osmosis and corrosion

Hull tested over rocks, bitumen and dropped from cranes
SAFE AS.... Boats?
Positively bouyant
Virtually unsinkable

Our products are guaranteed to last - no ifs or buts

Don't take our word for it... See for yourself!